Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sarkar Raj Sucks..

Every time there is a talk about a sequel, it comes along with a group of people commenting " Its not going to be as good as the prelude.. "

You just ignore that warning as we ignore the one on the Cigarette packs. Your mind says no.. but your heart says go for it.. it has got so much Hype, so much promise, so many promises.. It makes you say it gotta be good..

Spend an entire day in the anticipation of a great movie.. The worst part would be when you take one of your Foreign friends along with you. & wait .. its not over.. It comes along with the English Subtitles.. ya.. that should have indicated that this night is going to be looooooong.....

There is nothing different.. Same camera angles.. same lightings used.. almost the same cast too.. I dont understand whether we went to see a movie or a political party meeting.. Both AB's just say something, then follow up with a long dialougue.. which is so long that you would have forgotten what was the topic all about..

Huge Disappointment would be Ash who is just used as a Glam doll.. Its so frustrating to see her say such stupid dialougues.. " I have never seen anything like that" .. for everything.. U wonder whether she was born just a day ago.. but u still can see her because of those Piercing eyes...

Abhishek is just with one expression for the entire movie.. Oh no.. wait.. he laughs in the middle when he finds out his efforts in the prelude has earned him would be FATHER status..

I thought the one & only best part of the movie was Govind Namdeo with his awesome dialogues.. But RGV doesn't like it.. He kills him too... In fact this is the point at which he starts to lose it completely.

Sincere suggestion.. Don't watch this movie.. For the first time.. even Rediff's Raja Sen's review is perfect..

I would seriously suggest you to watch another movie " Aamir " which is worth every buck..

May your brains be with you