Sunday, September 14, 2008

Parties at onsite..

Parties at onsite

This is perhaps the best set of words to describe a pretention in an Human being.. You will see every other character which has been hidden in an NRI or for that sakes any other man /women who is out of her native..

On a normal occasion there would be a Bakra who would be spending.. But he wouldn’t know the expense as would be completely drunk or completely in a josh of going back to native. There will a bunch of people whom he knows or some of them whom he barely met.. But any person remotely in the color of Beige is our relative over here as it’s so hard to find a person who matches your interests..

There will lots of liquor…. You would find a cloud of smoke around you.. even me who has left the one god given gift of smoke, we still get that urge of smoking one.. just to be the younger one which you have left somewhere far behind… There will be some b-grade scenes.. if not on screen but at least in words.. pardon my language but I have vowed not to lie during these phrases.. I don’t say this is right, but just the fact as we don’t think after we decide to let ourselves completely in the mercy on liquor..

There will some or the other manager who would be at the point of crucification.. luckily my mangers haven't done anything that would bring them to the picture.. I have been blessed in that respect.. next or even earlier you will hear a lot of stories of broken heart… you would definitely relate yourself in one or the other stories.. you cant escape the true heart breaks.. or sometimes even the stories which have been cooked up .. better than harry potter ones..

You will hear a lot of old/ new music which I bet you wouldn’t have heard anytime in your life.. It might be of any language.. English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu or any other dialect.. It doesn’t matter as you are not in your senses to understand the words.. For us the main thing is that we found some time to spend on us.. Just letting ourselves free…

Sometimes.. this is my favorite part.. Outdoor parties.. I have enjoyed some of them myself.. The best ones were one of the team outings of our firm guys in Washington… one of the best.. I have done a lot of things .. I should we all did.. which we would never dare to repeat when we are sober.. but what a adventure.. at least it would remain forever in the minds who were with me..

Night clubs.. a place which would call heaven on earth when you let yourself loose.. Wherever you are.. unknown girls.. unknown buddies.. thumping music.. Girls / women or sometimes.. if you are unlucky club bouncers around you all the time.. an awesome time to remember … no matter how much you see in movies.. you just got to fel it when you are here.. no one knows who you are.. but you enjoy this time with whoever is around with you..Who says people discriminate.. no one even knows who they are dancing with..

By the time you reach home its race against the time.. you have to reach home just before one of your partner pops up.. ;-)

My favorite part at onsite parties… You can drive the most exotic cars which we would only see in wallpapers in India… I have driven a Corvette for which I had to shell out a lot of dollars… but what a ride.. really something to just grab by the wheel & just press on the gas… For real.. that’s my way to let myself go..

Well, guys… that’s all I can write right now with my hands trembling.. catch u later..

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