Monday, September 8, 2008



    It’s amazing..  This word just becomes so prominent during the month of august.. every soul tries to remember & tries to spend some time with the person who has been such a brilliant part of their life.. It doesn’t matter how many fights, misunderstandings we have been through… We only remember the laughs after we passed them… We remember the benches, stone slabs, the shade under the trees, the games played under the hot soaring sun, The lecturer’s whose classes we skipped, the worst movies which we watched on the first day…

  The matches which we played with 6-7 people but felt like playing in front of a filled stadium… The unaccountable treats & parties.. no matter how we paid or who paid them… in my case it’s all you guys… ;-)

The wonderful days when we rode the strangest of vehicles.. The Kinetic spirit, Bajaj & the amazing TVS - 50 …  these were the driving force during our college days… Thanks to those amazing initial rides which have just propelled our bond till today..

  It’s nothing big which we did during those times.. but even the smallest things were appreciated..  the best present was to give a copy of the reference material during the time of exams.. and a assurance that the questions would be picked up within the same odd 100 pages…  That’s the trust which Friends have within each other..

 Still remember the moments before the exam where we all used to sit on the rocks… go to multiple toilets… climbing up the stairs to bow in front of the god.. in my case search for that gorgeous Ginimoogu ...  thanks for the guys who told me her location … ride the same vehicles .. start at the exact time… No matter what we did, we did it together..

   I don’t have to celebrate our relation only during this week… We have this amazing bond from past years that there has not been a day which has gone by … in which I have not thought about you guys..  Thanks for being there & with each other during the most happiest & the difficult times …  I can just go on & on with this message but it’s impossible to write about us completely..  and moreover it’s not a thing of the past.. it’s the present & the future too… so it’s not a thing to be written but one to experience..

  I don’t mind if you guys wanna scold me, taunt me, praise me or just gossip about any damn thing in the world.. I am just a call or a message away…  

  Hope to see you guys soon… Miss you a lot..  

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